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Dorothy Foundation in pursuit of pre-stage one cancer test


Cancer’s Secrets Come Into Sharper Focus

Recent discoveries in cell biology have complicated the basic principles of the last decade of cancer research.

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An Immune System Trained to Kill Cancer

A closer look at what was done to cure two patients of chronic lymphocytic leukemia with a novel gene therapy — which may be useful against other cancers.

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"Love the game, and it will love you in return."

Shane Doan doesn’t want me to tell this story. Sorry, Captain. The year has come to a close, and we have been bombarded with year-in-review columns and blogs and tweets and shows. Teams and individuals have been glorified. Moments that will stand the test of time were honored in their due time. And then the tone and tenor went into a tailspin, didn’t it? For every uplifting story of hope and courage and of performance and execution, there were what felt like a dozen other stories that seemed to be all about sexting or extra-marital affairs and the now near constant quest to put self in front of team and sport. Brett Favre, Tiger Woods and Randy Moss all used to be a joy to watch in their respective fields of competition. They were appointment television at its sporting best. Now, because of the instant news cycle and the glory of technology and social networking, the news of off the field exploits make me long for the days of Brian Bosworth and Neon Deion Sanders. So in my own measure of what we call counter programming I offer you the one and only Shane Doan. I don’t think he wants me to tell this story. Sorry, Captain.

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